Shifting toward patient-centered care

What's patient-centred care?

Shifting from conventional medical practice toward patient-centred care:

·    FROM THIS "Focus on systems, processes, and infrastructure" TO THIS "Focus on outcomes that matter to patients".  
·    FROM THIS "Driven by professionals (Persuasive professional)" TO THIS "Driven by customers and end-users (Contractual agreement)".
·    FROM THIS "Hospitals at the centre of service delivery" TO THIS "Services delivered closer to home".
·    FROM THIS "For the system first, Task Focus, Adherence" TO THIS "For the patient first, Patient Focus, Concordance".
·    FROM THIS "Expert HCP, Talking, Limited rapport" TO THIS "Collaborator/Partner, Listening, Create rapport".
·    FROM THIS "Practices based on tradition, Repetitive" TO THIS "Practices based on evidence, Flexible and skilful".
·    FROM THIS "One size fits all, Drug X is …, Disease X is …" TO THIS "Tailored per patient's need, Patient X is …., Patient who had X disease is …".

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