What is Algocopoeia?

Algo from algorithmcopoeia from pharmacopoeia, despite the historical origin of the word.  Overall, we are trying to create a pharmaceutical encyclopedia of digitally designed extended medical algorithms, based on already formed and authorized guidelines, directed toward pharmacists.

Guidelines Vs. Algorithms!

While Guideline contains all subtle information, Algorithm is just a summary of it:

        ·    Guideline: It’s a fully structured plan, to deal with a specific disease or medical condition, composed of many pages to cover every subtle studied information about the topic.

        ·     Algorithm: It’s a basic summary of a guideline, which contains the most important information, in the form of a flowchart represented by pathways followed by the health care provider to reach the desired outcome.

    Extended Medical Algorithm (EMA)

      A simple medical algorithm contains main milestones, to deal with a specific disease or medical condition, merely. However, we are adding all necessary information from the guideline to provide the HCPs with all required information to deal with a case – starting from condition conformation, eligibility assertion, intervention recommendation & eventually with revaluation.
Note: It’s a personal effort without any governmental or organizational review, so please be careful. We will be more than appreciative to hear from you, by sending feedback or contacting me directly.